Other Poems

From Denton Dynamos - 2011-2012

We started our poetry unit this year with some fun poems from Take Me Out of the Bathtub by Alan Katz.

We then created our own Silly Dilly Poems. Here are two.

From DreamExtreme 2010/2011 - 5th Grade, Medford, Oregon:

To start our Poetry Collaboration this year, we worked together as a whole class and wrote a parody of Yankee Doodle called Silly Sally. .

From Denton Dynamos 2010-2011 - 5th Grade, Long Island, NY

Friends, Friends, Friends are Great
sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Friends, friends, friends are great.
They help you through your strife.
Friends are like family, family, family
There for all your life.

Pals, pals, pals are fun.
They'll always be so cool.
They never, ever let you down.
Because they really rule.

Friends, friends, friends are nice.
They really are so kind.
They'll always be right there for you.
They'll help to ease your mind.

Friends, friends, friends they rock.
They really are so sweet.
Lovingly, lovingly, lovingly, lovingly.
Friends are such a treat.

Friends, friends bring you joy.
They're with you when you're sad.
Happily, happily, happily, happily
With them you can't be mad.

Friends, friends, friends are great.
They help you through your strife.
Friends are like family, family, family
There for all your life.

From the South Paris Collaborative Fifth Graders: At the end of our unit, we had a poetry read for our parents. Here is the video from that day. Enjoy.

2009 South Paris Collaborative Poetry Read from South Paris Collaborative on Vimeo.

Enjoy some Haiku poems created and recorded by students at Southeast School in

Mansfield, CT. We took the photos and wrote the poems and then put them into a

Photo Story project. We hope you like them.


Haiku Poems from Ms. Petrocelli's Class 4-3 , Jamestown, RI

Owl by Charley Simmons

The night sky sparkles
Owl drifts through the smooth sky
Landing on rough branch

Autumn by Kseniya Farrell

Leaves blow in the wind
Many colors fall, the trees bare
laughter from kids around

Winter by Theodore Housinger
Autumn is leaving
Cold, snowy chill arriving
It is so freezing

Four Poems by Cam Tuttle
Food Fight
Foods are in the air
People covered in pizza
Teachers ruin fun

Computers whirring
The sound of people typing
Children playing games

The oak tree stands tall
It whistles in the cool breeze
Branches are swaying

Feet kicking the ball
Somebody scores a great goal
The crowd is cheering

Starry Night by Isaiah P

Under the starry
Night sky the potato is
Growing underground

The Fish by John S

The shark was very near
the fish were hidden away
it was very tense

A Storm by Ryan

What a quiet night
Clouds appear warning… lightning
It will disappear

Skylanders the game by Zachary T.

Slam bam a yeti
Yeti with 4 light blue arms
But power comes with in
external image SlamBam_01.jpg

Spring by Katelyn M.

The rain is falling
The blossoms are blooming high
And Spring is here now

WORMS by Noah L.

Worms are eating dirt
Decomposing as they go
The Soil has been born

Three poems By Peter Andres

The cow

The cow is eating

He loves to eat his fresh hay

Soon the hay is gone.

The pig

The pig likes his mud

He is covered in brown mud

Then he takes a bath.

The duck

The duck loves his pond

He eats some salty pondweed

He swallows it whole.

Winter by Mike B.

Winter is coming
The cool breeze touches my skin
The cold air is crisp

Students at GHES in Fort Mill, SC learned to create animated presentations.

Some students chose to make their poetry project in Scratch. Feel free to add your questions or comments about the works in progress.
Projects are in progress, so your help is welcomed! We encourage you to download projects, edit and share.

Click to OPEN SCRATCH File
The Purple Cow
external image octet-stream.png Shelby Williams Purple Cow poem.sb
Little Miss Muffet
external image octet-stream.png elifcaynaklittlemissmuffet.sb
external image octet-stream.png raindrop.sb
external image octet-stream.png poetry project tessa G 2.sb

WE THE PEOPLE: Poetry Performance Piece by DreamExtreme 5th Graders - Medford, Oregon

(based on We Will Rock You by Queen)

Colonists, you're lazy
And a little crazy
Thinkin' you deserve the same rights as us

You make us angry
Dumpin' our tea
Believin' some day you're gonna be free

We will, we will tax you...
We will, we will tax you...

Georgie, you’re a mean king
Taxing ever-y-thing
We don’t wanna be ruled by you

We’re tired of this mess
Shoutin’ with our last breath
“Give us liberty or give us death!”

We will, we will fight you…
We will, we will fight you…

Everybody’s equal
A nation made of people
Declaring independence from the king

We have the right
To win this fight
Waving Old Glory all through the night

We the, we the people…
We the, we the people…