Street Music by Arnold Adoff

The South Paris Collaborative added sound to Arnold Adoff's Street Music. How do you like our performance?

The DreamExtreme Team from Medford, Oregon presents their soundtrack for the poem Street Music, by Arnold Adoff:

The South Paris Collaborative is excited to perform DreamExtreme's poems. Here is what we sound like practicing.

Here is the video from our Skype poetry read. We had great fun listening to the performance of the poems.

Sound Poems From DreamExtreme - Medford, Oregon

by Matthew

The wind,
a Kind of
like a
f l u t e
from true
Ding ding!
the sails rocking
slamming on poles
holding against
their will.
Giving the sounds
a tempo, silent almost
s i l e n t.
Splash! A fish
the size of five
gives it a
d r u m s o u n d
The sound of
w a v e s
the dock
that goes for
e t e r n i t y.
The waves
a splashing sound
Just gives it the
Final touch.
An idea for a piece
Of music.

by Haley

The always shout
Of roaring waiters and waitresses
Giving orders
To fast-working
With pots and pans
Filled with the bubble
Of boiling water
Placed on the grate
Of the stove
With the roar
Of fire
Joining in
With the slam
Of heavy kitchen doors
Being heaved open
With the jitter
And fast beat
Of gigantic
Kitchen knives
Chopping foods
Of all sorts

Cooking music

The Classroom
by Sadie

In the classroom:

Pencils writing
Water running

Kids talking
Music playing

Chairs squeeking
Paper wrinkling

And the beautiful

by Kelsey

Cats meowing
Dogs barking
Kids screaming
Big, evil brother laughing

You hear the splatter
Of the paint hitting
The wall

It gets silent

Then the little children:
Laughter from all

You yell why can’t everyone
be quiet

Your wish finely comes
True - 9:00

You say good night to

This crazy house

Finely quiet:
crazy house.

Spring Garden
by Rachel

The soft rustle
of the leaves of
the father of the garden:
the cherry blossom tree.
The oldest, wisest of the garden.

Swish swish!
A calm but lively whoosh
Of a younger, mother of the garden.

Tweety, chirp,
of cheerful bluebirds,
the younger guardians
of their beloved babes.

The busy buzz
Of the working honey-bees,
The flapping tiny wings of the
protecting brothers and sisters, are loved
to be heard by the others.

And the cracking crack
of the youngest of them all,
the tiny beak and eyes peering at the new world,
through the hole in the egg,
managing a little yelp,
out of its little body
the baby bluebird
youngest of them all
youngest of them all

by Dominik

So silent a palm tree shakes
through the wind

So big a fish makes a

So tiny as you hear the sound
of a crab snap its claws

So fast as the waves
go in and out

So peaceful as you
hear all the sounds
at once:

Beach Music

Sound Poems from the South Paris Collaboration Fifth Graders

The Park
by Clarissa

This park
the always joy of
kids saying "Hi" and "Bye"
as they come and go,

The laughter from children having fun
leaves our hearts gleaming with joy,

The peaceful sound of birds singing together,
The rustling trees on a hot summer day,

The relaxing sound of kids going
"Wee" as they go down the slide,

The cats and dogs chasing each other,
The running feet thumping the ground
playing tag,

The boys playing attracts a crowd
that roars like tigers and lions,

And the girls create a huge crowd
of spectators cheering to the screaming
of teamwork,

With the always joy
of this park.

This Mall
By: Jessica

This Mall
the always laughter of

Doors opening and closing

Pets barking
Music fills the stores
As hangers move up and down off the racks

People walking up and down the aisles

The cash registers
opening and closing

Money going in and out
people at the food courts eating their food
Smiles on everyone's faces

The always laughter of
This Mall

This Baseball game
By Zack

The always noise,

Yelling from the fans all around

Baseballs bouncing from left to right

And bats smashing in all vocabulary’s from




A roar of booing fans as a result of the opposing team’s Home Run

As the city behind the stadium roars

An orchestra of honking horns

Then the dead silence crowd waiting for the ball to get out of the air

After the loud earsplitting bats assaulting my ears

With the always noise

Of this great game:


These Woods
by Hong-An

These woods,
The always peaceful
Of birds upon
Tree branches
Singing to anyone
Who listens,
Rustling from leaves
And trees as the whistling
Wind blows by,
Answering the flowing river,
The running river
As if it has been call to,
Hooting from owls,
Thumping of bunnies,
And the slurping of animals drinking
From the river,
the scratching
Sound of squires
Climbing up trees,
Filled my mind
With calm, peaceful,
And happy thoughts
Of the
Always peacefulness
Of these woods.

Theme Parks by Saikiran

Yelling squealing assaulting my ear
with that awful noise
theme parks

flashes always in my eyes
People telling me to take Pictures of them
and oh that awful noise
theme parks

People yelling in my ear
saying get your popcorn
get your popcorn!!
And oh that awful noise
theme parks
Parents telling you to go on lame
Rides and
oh that awful noise
theme Parks

people yelling in my ear
Saying wee!
little kids jumping up
And down saying
I want to go on this

and oh oh that awful noise
theme parks!!!

My House
by Andrew

My house
the always noise
coming from the basement.

Clashing from the closets.

In the hallway
and all sounds coming to
my ears.

and dashing
all noises.

As planes overhead
cause more noise
Then a basketball bounces
across the street

assaulting my ears
with the always noise

my house.