The Tyger by William Blake

Poems Inspired by William Blake By Ms White's Class in VA

By Wiley
Comet, Comet, burning bright,
You are the brightest star of the night.
What mythical magic or force
could tame such a wild star?

Black Hole
By Wiley
Black Hole, Black Hole, sucking light,
In the stars of the night,
What great force could make your power?
Nothing could stop your force.

By Hanna
Kitten, Kitten, purring loud,
In your bed, sleeping tight,
You are dreaming of the clouds,
How I love you, kitten.

By Sarah
Cake, Cake, love you away.
Don't come, and stay away!
I don't want your sugar.
I will get a booger.

The Dog,
By Luke

Dog, Dog,
Running in my backyard,
Like a Banshee.
Who dares to try and stop
the dog?

By Adriana

Cupcake, cupcake, tasting sweet,
It is you I want to eat.
How I would like to have two--
Aw, man, I just ate you!